Adult content on internet

Become one of the biggest part of our life. It has Become really easy to reach porn from PCs, Mobiles, some kinds of publishments etc.But how can we safe our children from this  danger?  Most of the porn viewers are children between 12-17 years old. This affects our children's physical and emotional growning up badly. But unfortunately it isnt a fact without and solution. adult sitesThere are some effective softwares to barrier our children to reach porn videos  and content's on internet. Some of them are; k9 web protection, qustodio, Browse control, norton family,  anti – porn etc.We should keep our children  away from the negative sides of internet and prepare an area they they can get advantages of it posiblity. Every people man or woman need watch porn for relax and be a colorful sexually life. Single or married not important. Actually many married people watch a porn film in their life with husband or wife. some people like cartoon porns,  or another. But all of them include a fucking. Some people know people's need. and they create a porn site. This websites are include a huge porn archive for example BBW, asian porn, indian, more and more.