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Definitely, there are no dumb ideas bathroom decoration renovation but should run their ideas through some friends before putting those plans into action. Tell people around you about your ideas for the bathroom so they can give their opinion on the matter. You should only talk to people and honest about things like this, because you are going to want an honest opinion of the people speaking.</p>  <center> <BR>  <BR> <BR> </center> <BR> <p>If you are thinking of changing the tile or installing a new shower, you should ensure that the plan everything out ahead of time. Not want to be halfway through a project and then realize you’ve made a miscalculation, so make sure you are double-checking all the way. Eventually you should be able to come up with a plan that makes sense for your bathroom and your budget.</p> <p><strong>Your bathroom is just the first step</strong><br /> Bathroom renovation ideas are only the first step towards the personalization of the whole house, so make sure you leave some room in your budget to start on something else. Renovate homes can become quite addictive, so you probably want to move on to another project, once you are done with the bath.</p> <p>You should start thinking about the kitchen after you’ve finished the bathroom because that is the next logical step on the road to complete home remodeling to your liking. Home decoration page new.